Google Developer Group Lisbon and HackerSchool joined together to bring Google to Lisbon.

We have 2 hours of talks and 40 mins of Codelab about Progressive Web Developing just for you and all free!

To sign up for the talks:

To sign up for the Codelab:

Venues: Anfiteatro Abreu Faro, Complexo Interdisciplinar (talks); Q01, Pavilhão de Química (Codelab)


TALK: Google Firebase: developing Android & iOS mobile apps
by Andrés L. Martinez Ortiz “a.k.a. almo” (Google)

During the presentation, almo will introduce the tools and architecture necessary for Android & iOS app development using the Firebase Realtime Database, OpenID Connect w. the Google Identity Toolkit and a Go backend in AppEngine.

TALK: From Web App to Progressive Web App
by Salvador de la Puente González (Mozilla)

A progressive web application is no other thing than an good old web application that exhibits native behaviour on modern browsers. Discover in 30 minutes and through actual code snippets how to convert a web app into a progressive web app!

CODELAB (workshop)
by Francisco Baena (Google)

A Progressive Web App uses modern web capabilities — Service Workers, Push Notifications and Web App Manifest —to deliver an app-like user experience. Websites evolve from pages in browser tabs to immersive, top-level apps, leveraging the web’s low friction for app delivery. Follow the Weather Web App together with us, and learn how to start putting in practice the PWA techniques!